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Average Cleveland Car Insurance Quotes. Save Up to $200 or More Annually

Statistical data for the state of Ohio represents the average price for insurance in Cleveland which is $1,080 annually. Annual premium costs for Cuyahoga County in which Cleveland is located is 1% higher than other locations. That county average is $1,264. The average vehicle insurance for the state of Ohio is $1,152.

Cost Factors for Auto Insurance in Cleveland, OH

Cost factors present insurance providers with options used in the calculation of automobile insurance premiums. These factors increase and decrease the overall premium cost quotes presented to clients. Among the standard cost factors are age, vehicle, vehicle color, and accident history. The most vital cost factors utilized in premium calculations include:

  • Location: Geographical location establishes the total cost of an insurance premium more than any other cost factors. The overall population of a given location establishes the projected risk of property damage and the probability of an automobile accident. Automotive insurance premiums are considerably higher in largely populated areas due to the higher risk of accident or damage. The population of Cleveland, Ohio is 393,806 and its population density is 5,115 people per square miles. The population and density present the probability of higher insurance costs as the risk of damage or accident is considerably high.
  • Driving To Work: The average work commute for residents in Cleveland, Ohio is 31.2 minutes. Cleveland drivers who fall within that average pay higher insurance premiums if their commute is during peak hours. However, discounts are available for work commuters traveling outside of peak travel hours. The latest statistical data shows that Cleveland has an average of 31 automobile fatalities per 100,000 residents each year. The probability of a car accident with fatality is high in Cleveland for this reason. Work commutes during peak hours increases the risk of a fatality which consequently increases insurance premiums.
  • Auto Thefts: Larger cities such as Cleveland, Ohio present a higher vulnerability of auto theft. The state average for auto theft is 7,410 per year. These reported thefts present higher numbers of specific makes and models, primarily 1994 Honda Accords. In Cleveland, a majority of auto thefts occurred at colleges and local malls.
  • Education: Typically insurance carriers present discounts and lower premiums to college grads possessing a bachelor degree or higher. According to statistical data for Cleveland, 8.5% of Cleveland residents possess at least a bachelor degree. The percentage of residents with a high school education is 68.9%. Drivers enrolled in college educational programs also receive discounts on vehicle insurance.

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