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The state of Ohio actually averages a decent rate of charge per insured vehicle, at a mere $1,448 per year. The county that Cincinnati falls in tends to charge about $200 less. The city itself is lucky as residents see an average insurance price that is 16% less than the state charges—just $1,221 annually.

Determining Factors for Auto Insurance in Cincinnati, Ohio

Companies that agree to insure something must take several key aspects of the driver and vehicle into consideration before offering any sort of contract or insurance policy. For example, insuring vehicles in the northern states means taking on the spike of accidents during winter months; densely wooded areas must factor in potential deer hazards; and so on. When combined with the history, or lack thereof, that the driver possesses, rates can be understandable.

  • Gender – The sex of the insured individual tends to have a small effect on prices all over the country, as women are statistically found to be the cause of fewer accidents. However, the difference between the two in Ohio is greater than usual. Males are found to be the cause of vehicular collisions about 86% of the time.
  • Location -The country as a whole will charge a rate based on the zip code that will be home to the vehicle. A highly populated area will generally translate to a steeper price. Cincinnati’s population as of 2010 was right around 296,943, making the city’s population density a whopping 3,809 per square mile.
  • Driving to Work – Another common factor is the routine drive time intended for the automobile, if any. Drivers that battle traffic daily may end up seeing an extra charge. While generally travel time to and from work averages out at 20 minutes, residents of Cincinnati seem to arrive at their destination just a couple minutes sooner. And while the overall amount of fatal accidents per 100,000 was above even the state’s median in 2006 and 2007, the city began to pay more attention and saw numbers drop below that of the state throughout 2008-2009.
  • Auto Thefts – Simply put, a car in desperate need of maintenance that even the newest criminal could steal will definitely cost more to insure than one equipped with an alarm system of accepted sorts. In 2010, Cincinnati got a reported 1,615 calls on auto theft for every 100,000 drivers on the road.
  • Education – It is true that education goes a long way, even when it comes to driving. Cincinnati focuses on this area, as only 25.8% possess a high school diploma or equivalent. 16.4% of people residing there have a Bachelor’s degree, which means better rates for them!

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