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Average Akron Car Insurance Quotes — Slash hundreds of dollars off of your payments!

Inhabitants of Akron generally pay around $1,175 for their automobile insurance premiums. When measured against the prevailing rates in the area, this average seems reasonable as the rest of Summit County pays almost 4% higher while the people of Ohio average 19% more. Despite this relatively reasonable cost, there are still plenty of opportunities for discounts and other means of reducing rates even further.

Akron Auto Insurance Factors — A Peak into the Minds of Insurance Providers

Insurance companies may be providing a vital service to the public but they are also keen on making their business profitable. As such, they don’t offer a blanket payment scheme but rather charge higher for people who they deem as high risk clients. The risk may be in the form of delayed payments, which is why they will scrutinize people’s credit scores, or claims payout, which relates to the tendency to be involved in an auto accident, theft, and the like. Here are some specifics:

  • Location — Some areas are simply prone to accidents due to bad roads and overpopulation. It is not surprising then that city dwellers tend to pay high automobile insurance rates. Akron is among the biggest cities in Ohio with residents numbering 199,100 in total. Given that the land area is only 62.1 square miles, the density is at 3,208 persons per square mile.
  • Driving to Work — Nearly everyone needs to drive to work in the morning but it is the timing that matters to insurance companies. Being in the thick of things during rush hour makes drivers vulnerable to collision as thousands are trying to beat the clock. This of course results in higher rates, while avoiding this window results in lower rates. Akron residents average 21.4 minutes for their commute while the fatal accidents recorded has been 7.2 per 100,000 in 2009, a bit higher than the 6.8 set for the whole state of Ohio in the same year.
  • Auto Thefts — Cars will always be a target for thieves but a few models catch their eye more than others and owning these increases the insurance rate. This can be offset through proactive anti-theft measures. In 2010, there were 749 auto thefts in Akron according to police archives.
  • Education — For some reason, better educated people tend to figure less in accidents and so insurance providers are willing to give discounts on those with a college degree or higher. In Akron, 11.9% of residents have graduated from college compared to 13.7% in Ohio. As for high school diplomas, 35.4% of residents have them in the city compared to 36.1% in the state. makes the quest for cheap automotive insurance simple through a powerful search tool. Fill in the quote box and get all of the answers you have been looking for.

Of course, Akron isn’t the only Ohio city in which drivers are eligible to save money. You can get discounted vehicle insurance if you live in Cincinnati, Cleveland, or Toledo.

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